Integrated Vacuum Cleaners For Life Afloat

MarineVac gives you more than just a great vacuum cleaner, it gives you back the storage space your old vacuum cleaner has been taking. Integrated vacuum cleaners are the logical solution to the problem of keeping your boat clean without sacrificing valuable stowage space. 5 stage HEPA type filter dust bags ensure the captured dirt, dust,etc stays in the bag; great for allergy suffers.

The powerful, twin fan, vacuum motor compacts the dirt in the dust bag so the bag lasts twice as long. Combined with a ribbed interior so there's no loss of suction power as the bag fills up. With MarineVac, cleaning your boat isn’t a chore, it’s a snap. Best of all, the MarineVac stretch hose is easy to store. No more hauling that heavy upright or canister around anymore. Just attach the hose to the outlet, turn MarineVac on and glide the vacuum wand around the cabin and saloon, 12 meters / 40 feet in any direction.

Thanks to the adjustable wand heights, you won’t have the lower back strain you’ve likely been getting. When you’re finished cleaning, just store the hose, which coils up to 18" / 46cm and wand, and you’re done. MarineVac tool kit includes a wide range of high-quality attachments to satisfy all of your vacuuming needs and even comes with a mesh nylon bag to keep all of your tools, hose and wand together in one handy to stow package.

A 6 year, factory underwritten, warranty and a UK based refurbishment service ensure that your investment in a InterVac manufactured MarineVac will be a long lasting asset.

Additional optional accessories include a vibrating upholstery tool which is great for keeping seats clean, a handy wall clip for the vacuum pole, a 24" flexible crevice tool for hard to reach areas and a soft pile brush for blinds etc

Technical Specification

Height 17 1/2" - 445mm

Width 9 1/2"  - 242mm

Depth 4"  - 102mm

230v 6amp

5 1/2'  - 1.68m power cable (terminal access hatch for hard wire installation)

Compare Performance

Make Air Watts
MarineVac 400
Numatic Henry 229
Karcher WD3.200 210
Dyson DC38 Multi Floor 170
Dyson DC44 Cordless   28


5 layers of HEPA filter material used for each bag. Filtration to 0.03 microns. Traps 99.97% of pollen, mites, dirt etc keeping your boat healthy.

Ribbed interior, suction travels upwards as the bags fills - no loss of suction power - dirt is compacted for a long bag life.

Unique 40' / 12m stretch hose. Clean your entire boat from one vacuum point. Coils up to 18" / 46cm to save on storage space.

Extra strong polycarbonate body, the same material riot shields are made from! Easily copes with the everyday knocks of life aboard.

Complete set of rust proof tools, including an adjustable aluminum pole and mesh storage bag.


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